Everything You Need to Know About The Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf

The caffeine content of coffee is one of its defining features, and for many coffee drinkers it’s a perk. The noticeable “pick-me-up” from a cup of coffee can be desirable first thing in the morning or during that mid-afternoon workday slump, for example. At other times, caffeine is a reason to skip a cup of coffee. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others and dislike its effects. Others find that consuming it too late in the day leads to trouble sleeping at night. Pregnant women are often advised to limit caffeine consumption too.

The obvious solution for those who avoid coffee due to its caffeine content is decaf. Yet, for discerning coffee drinkers, decaf is typically a disappointment. It’s usually processed with harsh chemicals that negatively affect the flavour of the coffee. While stripping coffee of its caffeine, the chemical process takes away much of the nuance from the beans’ flavour and aroma profile, leaving it bland and unsatisfying. Further, it’s hard to find decaffeinated coffee made from top-quality beans. It is no surprise that those who prefer a high-end cup of coffee will often avoid decaf altogether.

At Difference Coffee, we offer a decaf that retains all the deliciousness and complexity of a world-class coffee, thanks to the revolutionary, 100-percent chemical-free SWISS WATER® Process: our Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf. The SWISS WATER® Process is a game-changer in the coffee world. Instead of using chemicals, the process is all natural and gentle, leaving coffee beans with their full flavour and aroma profiles intact while taking out 99.9 percent of the caffeine. With Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf, decaf drinkers can finally enjoy the quality cup of coffee they deserve.


The SWISS WATER® Process is a pioneering decaffeination method that is 100-percent chemical free. It was developed in 1979 around the creation of a special caffeine-free green coffee extract. Small batches of coffee beans are processed with the green coffee extract along with pure water, and the caffeine transfers from the beans to the extract via osmosis over a slow, gentle 10-hour process.

The SWISS WATER® Process is more time-consuming than chemical decaffeination, and therefore more expensive. But for anyone who previously avoided decaf due to quality issues or concerns about chemicals, this superior option is a delightful discovery.

Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf

The SWISS WATER® Process is remarkable, but to yield a world-class decaf it still needs to start with top-quality coffee beans. The beans for our Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf come exclusively from Finca La Pastoria estate. Tasters love the rich caramel and chocolate notes in this rich, full-bodied coffee. Those flavours blend beautifully with milk for a delicious flat white, latte or any other coffee drink with milk. Our Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf is excellent as a black coffee too, all without the caffeine. If you’d like to try it for yourself, please visit our coffee shop page

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