Amir Gehl

Amir Gehl Founder

Amir comes from a long line of tobacco manufacturers. He compares his passion for coffee to his appreciation of fine wines and cigars, all of which rely on great soil & weather to deliver outstanding taste. His aim in creating the ultimate terroir-led coffee collection is to make the most prized coffees in the world accessible to discerning clients and top end restaurants.

Jonny England

Jonny England Head Q Grader

Jonny is one of just four licensed Q Graders in Europe having passed both Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta Q Grading exams. He is an authorized trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association, as well as a Certified Judge for World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup. Jonny is responsible for Difference Coffee’s roasting and packing, ensuring a clean, balanced and consistent cup every time.