“A collection of award winning, rare, and limited edition coffees, profiled for maximum sweetness, presented in Nespresso* Compatible Capsules for freshness and perfect extraction”

Amir Gehl, Founder

1. Sourcing the world’s rarest coffees

A collection of award winning, rare, and limited edition coffees, sourced at competition auctions or directly from legendary estates.

There are thousands of coffee farms throughout the world. The quest for perfection begins with unique estates. Unique terroirs coupled with exceptional farming practices, producing exceptional beans.

Often these beans are discovered in coffee competitions at origin. When these estates have been noted, recognized and praised for their ability, year after year to produce the tastiest, most perfect coffee beans, they become legendary estates.

2. The art of Roasting

Small batch, perfectly profiled for peak sweetness.

As a Michelin starred chef creates exceptional tastes from his chosen ingredients, so does the Master Roaster extracts layers of flavours and aromas through tailoring the optimal roast profile to suit each particular coffee variety.

Each of our coffees goes through a serious of sensory cuppings and countless sample profile roastings to achieve a profile which accentuates its sweetnes whilst balancing its other two attributes, biternes and acidity.

Each coffee curated by Difference has its own distinct character, a unique symphony of tastes and flavours.

3. The Science of Brewing

Presented in Nespresso* Compatible Capsules for peak freshness and optimal flavour extraction.

A perfect shot of espresso depends on coffees whose flavours were captured at their peak, ground to perfection and locked in an oxygen free vessel. Capsules not only provide this environment, but also allow the perfectly balanced extraction level to be achieved time and time again, effortlessly, at a push of a button.

*Nespresso® is a mark of a third party without any link with Difference Coffee Co.