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Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection, available for the first time, is a bundle of all six of our signature specialty coffees. The collection includes capsules of our Hawaii Kona Champion, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Wild Kopi Luwak, Cup of Excellence Rwanda, Esmeralda Geisha, and Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf. Together, these coffees represent some of the most rare and exceptional beans available anywhere in the world. The regular price is £225, but as a special rate for Christmas it’s currently available for only £190!.

The remarkable coffees in this collection take you, cup-by-cup, on a delicious journey around the finest coffee-growing regions of the world. You’ll sip the sweetest coffees from the sun-drenched Hawaiian Islands and the misty mountain peaks of Jamaica, from Indonesian islands where wild civets roam, and from Africa, the birthplace of coffee itself. Add to this an unusually delicate Geisha, plus the most flavourful decaf we’ve ever tasted.

Collection costs £190.00 per 60 Nespresso compatible capsules

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