Impress your friends with effortless gifting

E-Gift Card



The Difference

What do buy the person who has everything? At Difference Coffee, we know that gifting can sometimes be a struggle. There’s only so many bottles of wine and boxes of chocolate you can gift your friends before the gesture is viewed as thoughtless. Why not choose a rare coffee instead? This can be particularly special for those who have not yet tried the pods you’ve been hiding from them - yes, we all do that.

When it comes to coffee, there really is a wide variety of options to choose. To make life easier, we have set up our easy to give E-Gift Card. All you’ve got to do is, choose the amount you would like to gift, fill in your friend’s email address at checkout and wait for the thank you call! Your friend will receive their E-Gift Card in their inbox and the credit will be instantaneously applied to their account once they’ve logged in. Simple, impressive and effortless!