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Discovery Pack

The limited-edition Discovery Pack includes two capsules of our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and two capsules of our Panama Geisha coffee. We designed this product for new customers who want to sample some of our best-selling coffees before committing to a full-sized box. The Discovery Pack is also a great option for previous customers who already love our coffees and want to try some different varieties. The two distinctive kinds of coffee included in the pack showcase just how distinctive – and how delicious – specialty coffees can be.

£17.00 per Box of 4 Nespresso compatible capsules.

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“The overall experience was one which was similar to trying top end wines from very select Estates compared with the same type of wine which you would buy in the supermarket.”

Carl May

The Coffees


One of the world’s most famous coffee-growing regions, the Blue Mountains of Jamaica have earned a centuries-long reputation for excellence. Genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is truly outstanding – it’s mild yet complex, smooth, chocolately and without a hint of bitterness. We source the best of it all from the legendary Wallenford Estate, buying only specialty Arabica beans rated Grade 1 by the Jamaican Coffee Board. These Nespresso-compatible capsules are one of our top sellers, and we think they’re a perfect introduction to Difference Coffee.


A storied estate in the Boquete Highlands of Panama, Hacienda La Esmeralda is famous for discovering the Geisha bean back in 2004. The bean quickly became famous for its unusual flavour profile, which is fruity and floral with hints of bergamot. We source our Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda’s most exceptional micro-lots, which are only available once a year at auction. These beans were scored with an incredible 94 points, and we are excited for you to taste such a world-class coffee at home.