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The Difference

The Discovery Box is a brand-new product that includes two capsules each of five best-selling specialty coffees. With a variety of distinctive coffees from the world’s top growing regions, the Discovery Box makes a fantastic gift. It's also a great way to sample different varietals and discover new favourites.

Together for the first time, you’ll enjoy our Hawaii Kona Champion, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Wild Kopi Luwak, Panama Geisha and Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf in a single box. Our Kona coffee, from the champion of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, and our Jamaica Blue Mountain, rated Grade 1 by the Jamaican Coffee Board, both offer maximum sweetness and virtually no bitterness. Wild Kopi Luwak is world-famous for being digested by palm civets in Indonesia. And our Panama Geisha is an unusual fruity, floral varietal from a legendary estate. Finally, the best decaf we’ve ever tasted retains a complex flavour without caffeine.

“I drink them, they are beautiful”

Gregg Wallace