Cocktail of the Month: Peterson Cognac Fizz

This month, let’s all raise a glass for Hacienda La Esmeralda… preferably a glass of Peterson Cognac Fizz, an unforgettable brandy fizz cocktail created for Difference Coffee by our good friend Dan Fellows. The world-renowned coffee cocktail master offers the following recipe to showcase our unique Panama Esmeralda Geisha along with a top-quality Cognac of your choice.

Peterson Cognac Fizz: Luxury brandy fizz with a twist

A tribute to the Peterson family, celebrating the floral and citric flavours of their incredible coffee.



  1. Brew Panama Esmeralda Geisha capsule
  2. Skim off crema and chill brewed coffee
  3. Add coffee, cognac, Curaçao, elderflower syrup and champagne to frozen champagne flute
  4. Garnish with orange peel

About Dan Fellows

Dan Fellow's Peterson Cognac Fizz combines premium coffee and cognac to create a luxurious Brandy Fizz.

Dan Fellows has focused on coffee throughout his career, which has taken him from his hometown of St. Ives to Brazil, Berlin and beyond. Fellows won the elite World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship in Brazil in 2018, and won again the following year in Berlin. This remarkable achievement makes Fellows a proven master of the coffee cocktail.

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