Coffee Myths Debunked: All Coffees Are Blends

Whenever I speak to people about Difference Coffee, they always ask me what coffee blends I sell. For some reason, people seem to think that coffee is always a blend of beans. The truth is, coffee is a bit like wine in that some are blended and some are not. Learning the difference between blend … Continued

Date and Nutella balls and cold brew coffee

' Difference Coffee supplies a number of 3 Michelin star restaurants has also placed what must be one of the most expensive coffees in London at the Parcafé - from a batch of 2019 Esmeralda Geisha which he sourced before it went on public auction.'
Review Mentions…

'Difference Coffee, who produce Nespresso-compatible capsules but with much higher quality coffee than Nespresso themselves sell.'

' I would rather drink high quality coffee such as the one served here, even it is made in a Nespresso machine, than the cheap coffee all too often served in restaurants.'

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'If you have a Nespresso machine and fancy some better coffee than Nespresso provide then this company do some compatible pods of very high-end coffee, such as this Jamaican Blue Mountain'

Catching up with Difference Coffee Company

'I’m not quite sure how he did it, but somehow Amir managed to wedge a place for Difference among the bidders at a few of the most prestigious and rigorous coffee competitions in the coffee loving universe' - Chris Osburn

Sphere Magazine: The Gourmand

'Difference Coffee prides itself on bidding for the finest beans at auction. The result? Posh pods that have been used by establishments such as 67 Pall Mall' - Sphere Magazine

Destig Magazine: Difference Coffee

'Gehl has spent a lifetime developing an appreciation for the finer things and now he is taking on the challenge of sharing the joys of specialty coffee with the world' - Destig Magazine

Maitre Choux

‘It is one of the best and finest coffees on earth’ – Chef Joakim Prat, Maître Choux


‘By far the finest coffee we’ve ever tried’ – Imbibe