Every November, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival ensures that the story of Kona Coffee’s nearly 200-year heritage continues to be shared with residents and visitors. The Festival features 10 days of festivities honoring pioneers, farmers, and artisans. Amongst the events is a two-day long coffee cupping competition. This highly prestigious event attracts Kona’s most sought after estates, competing for the title.

Difference Coffee is proud to have sourced a limited supply of this year’s Crown Competition winning farm, Kona Gold Rum Co. Well-balanced, with medium body and bright acidity, this coffee has a fruity cup with crisp notes of citrus, raspberry, peach and apple, and smoother tones of molasses, melon, clove and brown sugar.

Technical Information

ESTATE: Kona Gold Rum Co.
REGION: Kona, Hawaii
PROCESSING: Washed & Dried for 10 Days


Box of 10 Nespresso®* Compatible Capsules