Cocktail of the Month: Espresso Martini With a Difference

When we asked our good friend Dan Fellows, a two-time World of Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, to create a caffeine-free, alcohol-free espresso martini recipe, we knew he was up for the challenge. His Espresso Martini With a Difference stars our delicious decaf coffee in an original mocktail reminiscent of an espresso martini. Enjoy it any time!

Espresso Martini With a Difference: An alcohol-free espresso martini recipe

An Espresso Martini for any time of the day. This caffeine and alcohol-free version delivers the character of an Espresso Martini without compromising any flavour.


  • 1 capsule of Swiss Water Decaf
  • 0.1g (a pinch) high quality salt
  • 30ml non-alcoholic spirit
  • 10ml date syrup (diluted 1:1 with boiling water)


  1. Brew Swiss Water Decaf capsule over salt.
  2. Add to cocktail shaker (or flask / jar) filled with ice.
  3. Shake hard and fine strain into frozen Nick and Nora / coupe / martini glass.

About Dan Fellows

In the niche world of coffee cocktails, Dan Fellows is a major star. This is thanks to Fellows’ rare achievement of winning the World of Coffee in Good Spirits Championship two years in a row. He entered, and won, his first championship in Brazil in 2018, and won again in Berlin in 2019. Fellows also won the UK Barista Championship in 2016. He currently works in the wholesale coffee business and teaches coffee cocktail masterclasses all over the world.

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